Choosing the right bedding materials

At KAS we're all about transforming your house into the home of your dreams. Our homewares are made for life. Sunday-morning-pile-ons, breakfast-in-bed, sticky-fingers and muddy-paws - Real life. We understand how important a good night’s sleep is and part of creating a comfortable sleep environment starts by choosing the right fabric.


Percale VS Sateen

In your search for the perfect bedding, you may have come across two variations of Cotton: Percale and Sateen. These popular options may seem similar at first glance however each has unique qualities that can greatly impact your sleep experience and comfort.

Let’s dive into Percale vs Sateen in more detail and help you find your perfect fit.

Cotton Percale

Cotton Percale is like a breath of fresh air on a sunny morning. Known for its crisp and cool feel, percale is crafted using a simple, criss cross weave of one-thread-over, one-thread-under. This tight weave pattern makes percale extremely durable, ready to withstand those Sunday-morning-pile-ons by the kids (or the dog) and breakfast-in-bed without worrying about your bedding.

A winner amongst warm sleepers, percale is lightweight, breathable and temperature regulating meaning it can keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Featuring a smooth, matte finish, percale becomes softer and more comfortable with every wash, ensuring that you can enjoy a cosy and smooth sleep surface for years to come. 

If you prefer a cool and crisp sensation against your skin, Cotton Percale is the ultimate choice to create a serene sleep environment.


Cotton Sateen

If you crave a touch of elegance and indulgence in your sleep environment, then Sateen is here to sweep you off your feet. Made using a thicker fibre and loose weave structure, Sateen is usually characterised by a four-threads-over, one-thread-under pattern. This unique structure creates a beautifully silky-smooth sheen that is reminiscent of a luxurious hotel getaway. 

Not only does sateen feel incredibly soft against your skin, but it also has a slightly heavier weight compared to percale, making it ideal for those who prefer a warm and cosy sleep experience. The fabric is also inherently more wrinkle-resistant, requiring less ironing to achieve that ‘hotel-ready’ look in your bedroom.

If you live in a cooler climate and like to be tucked in cosy during the night, sateen will provide you with ultimate bedtime indulgence.

At KAS we have a wide selection of quilt cover sets made for every type of sleeper. Explore our range to find your perfect match.


Egyptian Cotton

Indulge in the unparalleled comfort of our Egyptian Cotton sheets. Renowned for its supreme softness and lasting durability, Egyptian Cotton is the gold standard in bedding fabrics. Handpicked to ensure the highest quality, the long fibers are meticulously woven to create a silk-like texture that's gentle against the skin. Experience the cool, breathable touch and rich, lustrous finish that our range of Egyptian Cotton sheets can offer.

Whether you drift into slumber or enjoy a lazy morning in bed, our sheets envelop you in pure luxury, turning your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and elegance. Choose our Egyptian Cotton, and redefine your sleep experience.


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