Double Bed Size Sheet Sets

Your sheet sets and bedding are the best way create a relaxing and peaceful environment in your bedroom to help you get a good night’s sleep! KAS’ double bed sheets are the best way to add a pop of colour to your room or to fully tie in your colour scheme with the rest of the room. Shop our double sheet sets online now!

Kas Blush Sheet Set

$126.00 $157.00

Kas White Sheet Set

$103.00 $129.00

Kas Berry Sheet Set

$126.00 $157.00

Kas Double Red Sheet Set

$126.00 $157.00

Double Bed Sheet FAQ

What is double size in bedsheets? icon icon

Double size bed sheets are designed to fit a double size bed, also known as a full size bed. A double size bed is a common size that is suitable for one person or a couple. They are generally smaller than queen size beds and larger than twin size beds.

What are the dimensions of a double bed sheet? icon icon

A double bed sheet typically measures around 137 cm by 193 cm. These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the specific brand or model of bed sheet you are using. It's important to measure your bed and choose bedding that fits properly to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Can double sheets fit a queen bed? icon icon

Yes, it is possible for a double bed sheet to fit a queen size bed, although it may not fit as snugly as a sheet designed specifically for a queen size bed. A double bed sheet typically measures around 137 cm by 193 cm, while a queen size bed typically measures around 152 cm by 203 cm . While a double bed sheet may be able to fit over the top of a queen size bed, it may not be as secure or tailored to the bed's size and shape.

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