What does thread count mean and why does it matter ?

What does thread count mean and why does it matter ?


Thread count is a popular metrics used to indicate the softness and quality of bed sheets. It is calculated by counting the number of threads that make up the weave of the yarn. KAS thread count is calculated per 10cm2.  The number of horizontal threads (also known as called the weft) is multiplied by the number of vertical threads (warp).

High thread count doesn’t mean too much if the threads themselves are low quality. Good quality fabric within a 200-thread count sheet will feel softer and last longer than a 400-thread count sheet made from poor-quality cotton.

The thread count that appears on a set of sheets can vary greatly and the best thread count depends on whether the sheets are a single-ply or multi-ply weave.

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Why are single ply yarn sheets important?

Nowadays, with customers becoming savvier and searching for premium thread count sheets, many brands have started counting multi-ply threads, which can lead to higher thread count numbers being listed on the sheets. Although these are listed as a high thread count that may seem impressive, they lack the quality of single-ply yarn sheets.

To achieve high thread count sheets, manufacturers often use a low grade of cotton that becomes very thin when spun. This thin cotton thread is then twisted around itself to create a ‘multi-ply’ thread. When in a single ply, these sheets may be 200-thread count, but are weaved together to create a theoretical 400-thread count — 200 horizontal and 200 vertical threads. This may then be weaved together yet again, creating a 4-ply yarn. These multi-ply thread count sheets can then be sold as 800-thread count sheet.

Although you may be under the impression that the higher the thread count the better, because of this multi-ply process, this isn’t always true. A single-ply 300-thread count sheet would feel softer and last longer than a 4-ply 800-thread count sheet. It’s important to check not only the thread count, but the quality of the cotton used to produce your sheet sets.

What is the best thread count?

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For single-ply sheet sets, the best thread count for Egyptian cotton is between 400 and 700. Our sheets are right in the Goldilocks-zone of this ideal range and sit at 500-thread counts. This ensures a soft and long-lasting final product. While knowing how to pick the best thread count is important, it’s not the only factor influencing the quality of your sheets. The fabric and quality of the yarn should be the primary consideration, rather than how many threads there are.

What is the best fabric for sheets?

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is by far the best cotton in the world. It is handpicked, which guarantees the highest purity levels. Fabrics made of Egyptian cotton are softer, finer and longer-lasting than any other cotton in the world. Our KAS Egyptian cotton sheets are designed to encapsulate luxury, as well as being easy to maintain their softness wash after wash.

 As well as high-quality fabrics and the best thread counts, KAS sheet sets are available to suit every bed size — with double, queen and king sizes available. With a wide array of colours available from on-trend olive to classic navy and mood-boosting citrus yellow, you’ll find the perfect high-thread-count sheet set to suit your unique home décor.

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