Winter Bed Styling: The Cosy Guide

Winter Bed Styling: The Cosy Guide


Get ready for a snuggle-fest this winter! When the temperature drops, there's nothing like transforming your home into a warm and charming hideaway. Mixing the perfect blend of soothing colours and tantalising textures will craft a retreat so snug, you'll want to hibernate till spring! Warning: side effects may include an irresistible urge to stay indoors, cocooned in comfort. (But don't worry, we've got you covered – literally!) Let's embark on this delightful winter nesting journey together, shall we?

Layer Love 

The first rule of winter styling: layers are your best friend. Begin with our crisp cotton sheets, then add a nice warm quilt. Top it off with a cozy Quilt Cover Set, and finish with a range of cushions and throws to add depth, texture, and warmth. Remember, it's all about the balance between aesthetic and comfort.

Featured above is our Sage Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, Ariana Quilt Cover Set, Ariana Cushion and Rye Throw in Moss.

Colour Me Cosy 

Winter doesn't mean you're limited to shades of white and grey. Experiment with deep, rich hues like forest green, clay, or even Sulphur. These colours don't just radiate warmth, they also create a beautiful contrast with the winter landscape outside your window.

Featured above is our Chester Quilt Cover Set, Chester European Pillowcases, Chester Cushion, Ghost Quilt Cover Set, Ghost European Pillowcases, Ghost Sulphur Cushion & Durham Sulphur Cushion.

Pattern Play 

Patterns are a great way to inject personality and energy into your bedroom. From the elegance of traditional patterns to the boldness of geometric prints, there's something for everyone. And let's not forget our timeless favourite - floral designs - which can work beautifully even in winter!

Featured above is our Fleur Quilt Cover Set, Fleur European Pillowcase, Lennon Cushion, Rye Throw in Caramel, Kiki Quilt Cover Set and Rye Caramel Cushion.

Winter is all about creating a space where you can relax, rejuvenate, and escape from the chilly weather outside. And with these styling tips from us, we're sure you'll look forward to jumping into your bed every evening!

Remember, everyone's style is unique, so use these tips as a starting point and let your creativity run wild. We can't wait to see how you style your bed this winter!

For more home styling tips, keep an eye on our blog or follow us on social media @kasaustralia and don't forget to share your winter bed transformations on #WinterWithKAS - we love seeing your cozy creations!

Stay warm and stylish,

The KAS Australia Team


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