How to Style Scatter Cushions Like a Pro

How to Style Scatter Cushions Like a Pro

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Decorating with cushions is an easy way to elevate spaces and freshen up rooms without blowing the bank. But with so many options available online these days, it can be hard to know where to begin! These tips will help you style scatter cushions like a professional, so when your friends compliment your new couch look, you can say “oh, that was nothing!” and really mean it.

Choose the right cushion colour palette

     The first step to cushion styling is to assess your existing colour scheme. If you’re looking at styling your couch, pay attention to all the colours already at play in your living space. Couch colour, rugs, curtains and wall colours should all be taken into consideration, as when choosing cushions you will want to build on this colour palette.

    If your living room is primarily neutral, you have a huge range of colours to choose from, opt for something bold to really draw attention and create an impact. If there are already a few colours throughout your bedroom, choose a couple to reflect with your decorative cushions. Sticking to a colour palette will minimise the chance of your couch or bed looking messy or busy once it’s loaded up with your new cushions.



    Choose a selection of shapes and sizes

       Sticking to just one size of pillow can have the opposite of an inviting effect and end up looking too formal or uninspired. By choosing a selection of sizes and shapes allows you to create a layered look when decorating with cushions. Use larger cushions to form your base, then add in varying shapes, like rectangles or circles, keeping the smaller cushions at the front. 

      This will create a diverse and inviting look for your couch or bedroom. 

       Don’t shy away from patterns

      Introducing patterns and prints can be daunting if you’re new to the art of cushion styling, but don’t let that deter you. A bold pattern, print or design might just be the perfect way to create an impact in a space. Florals are a classic choice and can add a touch of elegance to your couch or bedroom. Other popular options include spots, stripes and geometric patterns. These sorts of prints often help to create a modern look.



      Experiment with fabrics and textures

        When styling scatter cushions on your couch, use the material the couch is made from to guide your choice of fabrics and textures. Different fabrics can have a huge impact on the tone that will be set for the room, so it’s important to understand the feelings they evoke. Cable knit cushions are great for the cooler months and for creating a warm and inviting environment. Linens are perfect for creating a coastal feel and silks will bring a touch of elegance to your couch or bedroom.

        Velvets and sequins are dramatic choices which draw the eye but should be used sparingly. Remember to incorporate simple, cotton cushions throughout as well so that the unique textures and fabrics have the opportunity to shine.


        Korri Neutral Quilt Covers

        Cushion Arrangement 

          Once you’ve picked out your cushions, you get to begin decorating your sofa. Arranging the cushions mostly comes down to personal preference, as there’s no hard and fast rules. Layering is the key to making an impact. Keep the zip hidden and begin by layering different shapes of cushions. Placing rectangles in front of squares or alternating decorative prints with plain colours. 

          The key to decorating your couch with cushions is to avoid getting carried away. Your family or guests won't appreciate having to remove pillows from the couch just to take a seat. The idea is to enhance not obliterate the couch.

          When it comes to arranging decorative cushions in the bedroom, the exact number used has a more noticeable effect. An even number of cushions will give your bedroom a formal, traditional feel. Alternatively, an odd number of cushions placed on your bed creates a more modern look.


          Introduce a throw

            Once you’ve created the layout of your cushions, you can add in other decorative elements, like a throw. This helps to further build depth with layers, not to mention is perfect for snuggling under in the evenings. 

            Follow the same process when picking your throw as you did when selecting cushions. It’s best to pick a throw that’s a single colour, and in shade can be found amongst your scatter cushions. Texture and fabric choice may be influenced by the seasons, with warmer options replacing light

            throws in the winter months. Drape your throw over the back or end of your couch for the finishing touch.


            mustrard throw


            When it comes to styling scatter cushions, it's worthwhile remembering these easy tips. Don’t get stuck in a cushion rut, as with so many beautiful cushions available there’s endless opportunity for creativity and experimentation. Keeping these tips in mind will have you styling scatter cushions like a pro in no time. Plus, you will have created an inviting place for your family and guests to sit, or a bedroom you love to retreat to.


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