How to Choose Bedding Colours

How to Choose Bedding Colours

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When it comes to styling your bedroom, you want to ensure you don’t make quick decisions that you’ll regret down the track. Your bedroom is a place you want to feel relaxed and calm and choosing a colour scheme you don’t love will detract from your enjoyment of this highly personal space.

When choosing your bed linen, there’s many things to take into consideration. Being the bedding experts, KAS has compiled a five-step method to choose a bedding colour that you will love. 

1. Choose a colour scheme

The first decision should be the kind of vibe you want your bedroom to have. Colours play a huge role in mood, so taking some time to consider how you want your bedroom to make you feel should be a priority. If you’ve found yourself wondering “what’s the most calming colour for a bedroom?” we have the answer.

Some of the most common mood influencing colours are:


Blue is a highly recommended shade for a bedroom as it has a widely recognised calming effect. Blue hues have been shown to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and slow your breathing down. These are all desirable attributes for a room where the main goal is to relax and fall asleep.


Red is an energetic colour choice. Red is generally associated with stop lights or fast cars, evoking adrenaline. With an opposite effect to blue, a red colour scheme will raise your heart rate and blood pressure.


A combination of calming blue and happy yellow, green shades are shown to have a relaxing effect on your mood, while promoting feelings of ‘togetherness’. Unless you opt for a lime green shade, green is a great choice for a bedroom as it will be restful to your eyes.


Sunshine and happiness are both commonly associated with the colour yellow. Although yellow is a cheerful colour, the energising effect on you it has is generally the opposite of what you want as you try to get your eight hours. 


Tried and tested, neutral shades like white, black, grey and brown, are hard to fault when it comes to choosing a colour scheme.

While there are many more colours in the rainbow to choose from, neutrals, blues and greens are generally considered the best choices for bedrooms thanks to their calming effects on mood. While colour trends come and go, choosing a colour scheme that calms you in your bedroom is the first step to choosing the right bed linen.

If you truly love energising shades like red and yellow, you can use these as accents within your bedroom without being the main feature. Using multiple colours in your scheme requires some knowledge of the colour wheel, as opposites tend to work together best.


KAS Bedding Colour Wheel


Match blue with orange, red with green and yellow with purple for pleasing effects on the eye. Neutrals again are a great choice, as you can add pops of colour or patterns with ease, and even change this up for different seasons.

2. Choose versatile, unpatterned linen

It is highly recommended to choose plain bed linen, including top sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases, as your base bedding linen. This allows you to get great value out of your sheet sets, as they can be used year-round. Just like you have classic basics in your wardrobe, your linen cupboard should contain trusted basics to build on. 

Choose base linens that match your colour scheme or opt for neutrals like white or grey. This allows you to team them with a range of other colour combinations when it comes to quilt covers, accent cushions, throws and even curtains.

3. Choose a quilt cover set that you love

Now that you’ve nailed the colour scheme and got your basic bed linen sorted, the fun really begins. As long as you keep the colour wheel and its complementary colours in mind, your options are endless for the accent colours you choose for your remaining bed linen.

Start with your quilt cover, as this will determine the colours of your cushions and throws. A great example is the KAS Kana Quilt Cover Set pictured below

4. Pick a feature colour for accent cushions and throws

After choosing the quilt cover, choose one feature colour to focus on and use for all additional elements. In this case, the mustard yellow has been chosen for the throw and in the decorative cushions. This means that although there are a few colours featured in the colour scheme, they all work together in perfect harmony.

This light and breezy look is a great option for summer and allows you to bring energising shades of yellow into the bedroom in a way that won’t overwhelm your senses and impact your mood.

5. Keep your colour scheme in mind for all future purchases

If you then wish to change the look of your bedroom, say for winter, you can use the same basic sheet sets and simply swap the quilt cover for a different look. If you really want versatility, opt for a different quilt cover that has the same focal colour that you picked out last time, for example mustard yellow.

The Kelisa Quilt Cover below is a completely different pattern from the Kana Quilt Cover, featuring florals and a bold, busy colour scheme, however both feature a similar shade of yellow. This allows you to use the same accent cushions and throw to create a completely different bedroom look and vibe.

When it comes to choosing your bed linen, it's worthwhile putting thought into each purchase and building your colour scheme from the ground up. Choosing bed linen doesn’t have to be a huge task, when broken down into easy to manage pieces. These five simple steps are the key to choosing bedding colours that you will love.

This is a method that will lead you to create a comfortable, stylish place for you to relax in the evenings and that you’ll love waking up to every morning

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