At Home with Angela Sibley

At Home with Angela Sibley

At Home Series

Welcome to KAS' new blog series 'At Home'. Each week we will be chatting with interior designers, innovators and influencers to take you into their home and finding out how they get their home inspiration. This week we are talking to DIYer Angela Sibley from Ever So Homely.

Can you share with us a little intro into who you are and how you got into DIY?

 I have always had a love for creating whether it be via drawing, painting, sculpting or woodwork. I initially had a hobby business of creating wooden decor for children’s rooms and whilst on maternity leave from this particular business, we had just purchased our new home when I was 34 weeks pregnant with our third child and it was finally time to create a simplified home that we loved. Ever So Homely came to life during this time after I started sharing our processes and journey on socials and everyone was loving what I was doing from the decluttering, organising, and DIY and I now have a beautiful community of homemakers and DIYers to inspire and motivate on the daily.

Where do you find all your DIY/design inspiration?

My mind is always ticking with ideas and I find inspiration all around me. Nature, buildings, restaurants, movies, travel, Pinterest, Instagram, artwork and even magazines! I love that when I think of an idea I can usually make it too!

What has been your favourite space to renovate in your home so far?

I have really loved both the laundry and entry, but I am absolutely in love with the new office/studio I have recently created!

When it comes to your DIY renovations do you always have a clear plan on what you are doing?

 I always have a plan, but plans can change during the process especially if something isn’t going to plan or how I have envisioned. So I adapt and change as I need which can often delay the process too. I like to take my time planning the room prior to starting to make sure it’s what I want so I am not unnecessarily wasting time or money.

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Are there any go to starting points when approaching a DIY renovation?
  • Research
  • Create a moodboard
  • Ask questions from experts or special trades if needed
  • Get professionals in when required (electrical, plumbing)
  • Don’t be afraid to give it a go!
  • Start with a small project first


When it comes to renovating do you have any tips on where to splurge and when to save?

Save on DIYs and upcycles of pre-existing items in the home

Splurge on quality pieces that will last and that you love. At least one good statement piece per a room

Have you ever had a DIY project go terribly wrong, if so tell us more!

 Painting the dark feature wall in our bedroom was the absolute hardest. It was also a super hot few days and took days to get a perfect streak free finish and used more paint than I would have liked! Dark colours I have found are harder to paint with until you get your technique right.


What is the most enjoyable part of a DIY project
for yourself?

Accomplishment and seeing your vison come to life and that you achieved it all on your own, I still often surprise myself when I finish projects! Such an incredible feeling!

Now onto the home questions, how would you describe the style you have chosen to run with throughout your home?

Our home definitely speaks us and is a good mix of Minimal, Scandi, Nordic, and a little bit contemporary.

What has been your favourite space to style in your home?

Bedroom and now the new office/studio


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Did you find a particular space in your home a challenge to style? If so, why?

The twins room! I just feel I have never well and truly finished this space due to budget and trying to finish things in certain time frames, Ie their recent birthday… and not the best plan in place. So its my focus over the summer holidays to get it right!

Do you have an essential item/object that you think everyone should include somewhere in their interior styling?

Plants! But also cushions and artwork!

What are your go-to tips for someone that wants to add a bold print or colour to a living space?

Either choose a colour palette and incorporate that throughout the space. Don’t choose too many colours but work with different shades, texture and colour. Or choose a statement print and bounce colours from this around rest of the room.

Do you have any tips on how to transform a living space to become more family-friendly?

Don’t overcrowd, enough room for everyone to sit. Personalise with some treasured items and or photos

Only keep items in the room of how you want it to feel. Ie relaxed/chilled… only keep items that fit this words description.

A nice rug is also a great option to create some comfort and warmth in the area.

Now we know you're a mum, what are your top tips when it comes to styling a kids bedroom?
  • Incorporate things they love and colours they love
  • Have space for them to hold their precious belongings
  • Storage they can easily use to help keep their room clean and tidy
  • Somewhere for them to display their own artwork
  • Make it easy for them to make their beds, don’t over complicate
  • Make it fun!

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