Hand Towels

Hand towels, the unsung heroes of bathrooms and kitchens alike. Your guests may not notice the carefully selected KAS hand...

Hand towels, the unsung heroes of bathrooms and kitchens alike. Your guests may not notice the carefully selected KAS hand towels at first glance, but this is about to change. As the novelty of your foaming hand wash wears off and the grapefruit scented suds are rinsed away, suddenly there’s nothing more important than your hand towels.

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Stratton Hand Towel

$7.00 $12.00

Como Hand Towel

$5.00 $6.00

Henley Hand Towel

$8.00 $11.00

Hand Towels

Say goodbye to the haphazard finger flick that leaves droplets of water scattered across your once pristine mirror. No more tell-tale damp marks across the legs of your guest’s pants. You’ve carefully selected your KAS hand towels for this exact moment.

Updating your hand towels is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you want to stock up on your favourite colour or prefer to change things up regularly, the KAS range of hand towels will exceed the expectations of you and your guests.

KAS has a variety of hand towel colours available to complement your colour scheme. Choose from Denim, Mustard, Blush, Natural, Black or White. Feeling creative? Layer two shades together for a look that flaunts your knowledge of the colour wheel.

Try pairing Denim and Natural for a coastal look or, if you’ve got kids, opt for Black hand towels to help hide any evidence of a day spent finger painting. Once you’ve fallen in love with a shade from the timeless colour palette, add to cart and be rewarded as there’s free shipping for all orders over $50.

Our range of hand towels has been designed with versatility in mind, created from soft and durable cotton. The ideal size, KAS hand towels envelope your freshly washed palms in a rectangle of fabric sure to remedy every bad handshake you’ve endured.

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, KAS offers a range of bath mats and bath towels to match your new bathroom hand towels. It’s often the small details that count, so try supplying a hand cream or fresh flowers next to your hand towels for an extra touch of luxury. KAS also offers a range of carefully crafted vases and ceramics to help add the finishing touches to your bathroom makeover.

KAS hand towels are sold separately, so you’re not locked into one colour scheme. Mix and match! Take a risk! There’s free 30 day returns because there’s no fun living with hand towel regret (it’s a real thing, trust us).

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